Framework and Resources
GATI Assessment and Accreditation

The Pilot Institutions will be awarded GATI Accreditation on successful completion of the Self-Assessment process. This will be based on the recommendations of the Peer Review Team after rigorous evaluation of the Self-Assessment Application in accordance with the Peer Review Criteria.

The Peer Review Teams will be carefully constituted drawing from experts familiar with the process of assessment and accreditation in the higher education sector. Some members will also be drawn from amongst the senior faculty in the pilot institutions. Training programmes will be carefully developed to ensure that the chairperson and members of the Peer Review team understand the nuances in the peer review criteria; accreditation is objective, unbiased, fair, transparent and free from any conflict of interest.

The outcome of Peer Review would be a binary: either the institution is successful or not successful. In each case, a detailed feedback on each criteria will be provided to the institution to enable it to gauge where it stands when viewed through a gender lens, what its strengths and weaknesses are, how best it can move forward to improve gender equity on the manifold.

The GATI Accreditation will be in the form of a certification or an award. It will recognize successful engagement with all facets of the GATI pilot as reflected through the Self-Assessment Application. This would entail a comprehensive appraisal of the prevalent policies, processes, procedure, practices, programmes and plans and their impact on the gender climate of the institution.

The accreditation will acknowledge how well the institution has been able to use insight gleaned from gender disaggregated quantitative data and qualitative evidence to understand the barriers, challenges and opportunities for advancement of gender equity.

The accreditation will evaluate how these understandings have translated into development of specific and relevant action plans for each criteria dimension; and further how these have been tied together to create prioritized SMART Action Plans that can be implemented in the short-term and the long-term.

The accreditation will provide the institution a ladder to move up the gender equity journey as it would be expected to integrate the SMART Action Plans within its strategic plans and begin implementation. It would also catapult the successful Pilot institutions to the role of mentors as in the next phase, GATI is scaled up and launched nation-wide.

GATI (Gender Advancement for Transforming Institutions) - Framework Development for Advancing Gender Equity in Science, Technology and Higher Education in India
Sanctioned to GATI PI based at NAAC via Government of India, Ministry of Science and Technology, Department of Science and Technology, Order dated 30 August 2020