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The UN Women is a United Nations entity for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women. It was established in response to a UN General Assembly Resolution in 2010 , emanating from merger of UN Development Fund for Women with other entities and became operational in 2011. It advocates for the rights of women and girls, and focuses on a comprehensive spectrum of issues. These include Leadership and political participation, economic empowerment, ending violence against women, rights of LGBTQ+ community and intersectional identities, humanitarian action, peace and security, governance and national planning. Special focus is on 2030 agenda doe Sustainable Development Goals linked to Goal 5 addressing Gender Equality.

Empowering Women through Education and Entrepreneurship is a cross-cultural training program, It aims to advance social entrepreneurial skills of female scholars from emerging countries such as India and Brazil. They are expected in turn to educate and mentor female students to become entrepreneurs. India: It recognizes that females encounter many cultural, societal, and educational barriers and challenges as they seek economic empowerment and try to enter the labor force.

This is a programme of L'Oréal-UNESCO for Women in Science and Girls in Science. It recognizes that while Women scientists are leading ground-breaking research across the world, their work rarely gets due recognition. Globally, there are about 33% women researchers and mere 11% are in senior roles in Europe. The Nobel Prize has been awarded to less than 4% female scientist. The Fondation L’Oréal and UNESCO have worked together for more than 20 years to recognize scientific excellence of women and awarded more than 100 laureates across the world. It has also supported a large number during research studies through national and international programmes.


The Global Young Academy (GYA) envisions science for all and science for the future. Its mission is to give a voice to young scientists around the world. It develops, connects and mobilises young talent from across the world and empowers young researchers to lead international, interdisciplinary and intergenerational dialogue. It has about 200 passionate young scientists as members who are typically 3-10 years after their PhD, between 30 to 40 years of age, and in the early stages of their independent academic careers.

he vibrancy of this global community is a result of the energy of its members, who are passionate about the role of science in creating a better world.

The GYA Working Group ”Women in Science” aims to raise broad awareness about the potential of female scientists, provide opportunities for their voice to be heard and influence policy. It builds capacity of the young members for building successful careers.

INYAS is the only recognised academy of young scientist in India which was established in 2014. It’s vision and mandate is to encourage networking among young scientists and support them in career independence, It works towards promotion of science education and outreach, boosting science capacity in the country, promoting interdisciplinary and intergenerational dialog; and building collaborations with other young academies of the world. INYAS has launched several initiatives and activities for promoting Women in Science.

GATI (Gender Advancement for Transforming Institutions) - Framework Development for Advancing Gender Equity in Science, Technology and Higher Education in India
Sanctioned to GATI PI based at NAAC via Government of India, Ministry of Science and Technology, Department of Science and Technology, Order dated 30 August 2020