Framework and Resources
Department of Science and Technology (DST)

DST has been proactively engaged in supporting Women in Science and Engineering (WISE) through a division that is renamed now as WISE-KIRAN (Knowledge Involvement in Research Advancement through Nurturing). Various schemes, programmes and fellowships have been launched to address challenges faced by women in S&T domains, and society at large.

GATI (Gender Advancement for Transforming Institutions)

GATI is an innovative Pilot launched by the Department of Science and Technology (DST) under the aegis of the WISE-KIRAN Division. It ushers a novel intervention programme for promoting gender equity in science and technology.

The strategic intent is to nudge institutions of higher education and research towards supporting diversity, inclusion and the full spectrum of talent for their own success and progression. In particular, it aspires to create an enabling environment for equal participation of women in Science, Technology, Engineering, Medicine and Mathematics (STEMM) disciplines at all levels, addressing deep-rooted problems.

GATI pilots a sustainable self-assessment and accreditation model. Thirty pilot institutions have been selected to participate. These include Research Institutions funded by DST, DBT, CSIR, DRDO, UGC, amongst others; institutions of national importance such as IITs, NITs, IISER and NIPER; Central, State, Deemed Universities, and two private institutions. All institutions have endorsed the GATI Charter and are committed to integrating its principles in their policies, practices, procedures, plans and strategic vision.

The pilot institutions are currently in the process of completing the self-assessment in accordance with a structured framework . This website provides details and includes the resources being developed to assist the pilot.

GATI Web Resources: this website

Women Scientist Schemes (WOS)

Women Scientist Schemes of DST were launched in 2002-2003 with the primary aim of providing opportunities to women highly qualified in S&T having a break in career or not having regular employment due to diverse reasons. The schemes are designed to help them return to mainstream science, manage relocation issues or craft independent careers as they juggle various roles and social responsibilities.

WOS-A (Fellowship for Research in Basic/Applied Science)

WOS-A aims to support women scientists and technologists with break in career or not having regular employment by providing them a fellowship to return to active participation in mainstream science, research and development. It encourages them to use this re-entry opportunity to enhance their qualifications using the fellowship, find foothold and enhance their potential for finding regular employment.

Minimum eligibility requirement is a Post Graduate degree. The fellowship can be availed to gain a PhD degree. Higher qualifications can range from M.Phil to Ph.D. and equivalent degrees in any of the Basic or Applied Science domains. The work is to be undertaken under a mentor. A well structured research proposal with endorsement from the host institution is required. Broad areas of focus are

  1. Physical & Mathematical Sciences (PMS)
  2. Chemical Sciences (CS)
  3. Life Sciences (LS)
  4. Earth & Atmospheric Sciences (EAS)
  5. Engineering Technology (ET)

Minimum 2 years break is required after award of the last earned degree. Women between age of 27 to 57 years can apply. The tenure of the fellowship is 3 years. Women receiving any other fellowship are not eligible to apply. Women scientists who are availing any temporary positions in research or academics may apply in the scheme but they have to leave their earlier assignment if WOS project approved.

Grants are provided at three levels:

  1. Fellowship amount of Rs 55,000 pm with total cost of project being Rs. 30 lakh for those with PhD/ MD or equivalent.
  2. Fellowship amount of Rs 40,000 pm with total cost of project being Rs. 25 lakh for those with M.Phil/M.Tech/M.Pharm/M.VSc or equivalent degree
  3. Fellowship amount is Rs 31,000 pm with total cost of project being Rs. 20 lakh for those with M.Sc in Basic or Applied Sciences/MBBS/B.Tech or equivalent degree The total cost of the project excludes HRA and overheads
WOS-B (Fellowship for Research in S&T Based Societal Intervention)

WOS-B aims to leverage the potential of highly qualified women scientists on career break for addressing challenging societal problems through S&T interventions. It invites research proposals that focus on providing S&T solutions to specific and well-identified grassroot challenges, issues and problems. The work is expected to lead to development, adaptation or customization of viable technologies; and ultimately holistic implementation of interventions with transfer of technological solutions from lab-to-land, adoption and scale-up in localized contexts. An important outcome is providing avenues for capacity building and income generation to the target population, reducing drudgery and impacting the quality of their life. This requires candidates to have adequate understanding of community needs in addition to scientific skills and competence.

The work is to be undertaken under a mentor. A well structured research proposal with endorsement from a host institution is required. Minimum 2 years break is required after award of the last earned degree. Women between age of 27 to 57 years can apply. The tenure of the fellowship is 3 years. Women receiving any other fellowship are not eligible to apply. Women scientists who are availing any temporary positions in research or academics may apply in the scheme but they have to leave their earlier assignment if WOS project approved.

Grants are provided at three levels:

  1. Fellowship amount of Rs 55,000 pm with total cost of project being Rs. 30 lakh for those with PhD/ MD or equivalent.
  2. Fellowship amount of Rs 40,000 pm with total cost of project being Rs. 25 lakh for those with M.Phil/M.Tech/M.Pharm/M.VSc or equivalent degree
  3. Fellowship amount is Rs 31,000 pm with total cost of project being Rs. 20 lakh for those with M.Sc in Basic or Applied Sciences/MBBS/B.Tech or equivalent degree The total cost of the project excludes HRA and overheads
WOS-C (Internship for Self-employment)

WOS C scheme is being implemented by the Patent Facilitating Centre (PFC) of Technology Information Forecasting & Assessment Council (TIFAC), an autonomous body under DST. It provides year-long training in Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) followed by internship for hands-on training with a Patent Attorney Firm in order to develop a pool of women scientists geared to creating, protecting and managing intellectual property in India. The curriculum has been carefully created in collaboration with stakeholders and knowledge partners in Law firms, Knowledge Processing Organizations (KPOs), Companies, Government agencies, etc. The scheme offers an opportunity to find regular employment with a Patent Attorney Firm or alternatively, self-employment and work from home in the area

Selection is through an all India Online Examination followed by an interview. The fellowship amount is at three levels.

  1. Rs 35,000 pm for candidates with Ph.D. degree in Basic or Applied Sciences or equivalent
  2. Rs. 30,000 pm for for candidates with M.Phil/MTech/M.Pharma/MVSc or equivalent degree
  3. Rs. 25,000 pm for for candidates with M.Sc. in Basic or Applied Sciences or equivalent.
CURIE Initiative for Universities

CURIE (Consolidation of University Research for Innovation and Excellence in Women Universities) initiative was launched in 2008-2009. It aims to improve R&D infrastructure and enhance research facilities. Currently there are 9 beneficiary universities. In 2019, Artificial Intelligence labs were established in 6 of these for fostering AI innovations and preparing skilled manpower for AI-based jobs in the future.

CURIE Initiative for Women Postgraduate Colleges

CURIE (Consolidation of University Research for Innovation and Excellence in Women Universities) initiative has recently been extended for Women PG Colleges. It is intended to provide basic infrastructure and enabling facilities of Science & Engineering Departments for promoting R&D activities in new and emerging areas and attracting fresh talents in Women Educational Institutions.

All Women Colleges having Science Departments with strong postgraduate teaching and research programs which have existed for at least 3 years or more can apply. The College should be accredited by NAAC with at least B Grade.

The grant includes maximum support up to Rs. 150 lakhs for Teaching as well as Research facilities to the Science & Technology Departments for 3 years.

Mobility Scheme

Mobility Scheme was launched in 2016 to address job related issues of women scientists employed in government institution/R&D lab/University who are compelled to relocate for personal reasons such as as marriage, transfer of spouse, caregiving for parents, etc.

The scheme provides a fellowship and interim work opportunity while such women explore alternative employment avenues. It is applicable for relocation to a new place beyond 500 km from the city where currently employed.

Women scientists/academicians who are willing to resign from their permanent position or take long leave to avail the fellowship and after completion of the tenure return back to the parent organization can avail the benefit.

The fellowship includes a consolidated salary per month for the duration of the project, need-based personnel support and a research grant of Rs 5 lakh pa that includes consumables, contingencies, travel and minor equipments in order to implement the project. The maximum duration of the award is 5 years. The age limit for application is 50 years.

Vigyan Jyoti

Vigyan Jyoti is an outreach programme initiated in 2019-20 for meritorious girls at the school level. The primary objective is to promote interest in science and motivate young students in classes IX to XII to pursue higher education and a career in STEM domains. It aims to address the issue of underrepresentation of women in STEM domains. It is envisaged that the intervention programmes will be eventually scaled till the PhD level.

Vigyan Jyoti provides exposure to science through specially designed camps and lectures, tinkering activities, opportunities to visit research labs/ Industries/ NGOs, interaction with role models, and support through counselling of students and parents.

The programme is being implemented through Navodaya Vidyalaya Samiti (NVS), an autonomous organization of Ministry of Education, Govt of India. Currently a network of 100 Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalayas (Schools) are functioning as ‘Vigyan Jyoti Knowledge Centres’. In the current phase, participation is limited to girl students from Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalayas, Kendriya Vidyalayas, Govt. schools, Army Schools. The focus is on students from small cities and rural areas for enhancing diversity in STEM.

Women Technology Parks

Grants for establishment of Women Technology Parks are supported by the S&T for women scheme of DST through its SEED (Science for Equity, Empowerment & Empowerment) Division. The programme envisions making rural women self-reliant with capacity to enhance the well-being of their families and contribute to nation building. The mission envisages creating facilities and resources that would bring an innovative range of services to rural women for micro enterprise development to enable them to manage successful micro enterprises and secure livelihoods.

Proposals submitted have to address the predominant livelihood ecosystem and the role of women in the area where the park is to be established. The objective is to leverage a bouquet of innovative technologies to address issues pertaining to the livelihood system of women, provide them skill development and capacity building opportunities, enhance their income generation potential and quality of life through access to science and technology. The training has to preferably be in conformity with the National Skill Qualification Framework for the identified sector. The focus is on supporting under privileged women =, addressing their health, hygiene and nutrition and other relevant issues through appropriate community-based interventions. Collaboration with local knowledge partners is encouraged.

Sustainable operation of Technology Parks requires community support from local authorities and local knowledge partners. Further there is need to establish linkages with financial agencies, banks, marketing agencies, district centres, and so on.

INSPIRE Scholarship for Higher Education (SHE) (All Genders)

Scholarship for Higher Education (SHE) is a component of Innovation in Science Pursuit for Inspired Research (INSPIRE), a flagship programme of the Department of Science and Technology (DST). It aims to attract students to study basic and natural Science subjects at undergraduate and postgraduate levels and pursue research as a career by providing scholarships to interested and deserving students.

Inspire scholarship amount is segregated into an annual scholarship of Rs. 60,000 and a grant of Rs. 20,000 for a summer internship programme and carrying out a research project. Rs. 5000 is deposited directly in the student's account per month.

Students within age group 17-22 years who have completed their XII standard examination in the year and have enrolled in B.Sc., B.S., Int. M.Sc./M.S. degrees, in Basic and Natural Sciences in the same year can apply. As it is a merit based scholarship, the top 1% meritorious students of 12th Class of any state or central education board; those who have secured JEE or NEET rank within 10000 ranks are eligible to apply. The number of scholarships is 12000 pa.

Selected candidates are supported for a maximum period of 5 years, starting from the 1st year B.Sc., B.S., Int. M.Sc./Int. M.S. or until the completion of the course, whichever is earlier. Continuation of the scholarship for the selected candidates is based on good academic performance in the examinations conducted by the University and upon the recommendation by the Head of the Institution.

INSPIRE Faculty Fellowship (All Genders)

INSPIRE Faculty Fellowship aims to augment high-quality scientific manpower in scientific and educational institutions, especially the Central and State universities. It provides meritorious candidates lateral entry to these institutions as post-doctoral fellows with opportunities for carrying out independent research. Support is provided for 5 years. However, it does not guarantee a regular position.

Indian citizens and People of Indian Origin with PIO status with Ph.D. degree (in science, mathematics, engineering, pharmacy, medicine and agriculture related subjects) from any recognized university in the world can apply. Candidates should possess a minimum of 60% (or equivalent CGPA) marks throughout their academic profile starting from Class 12 onwards. Those that have submitted their Ph.D. theses and are awaiting the award of degree shall also be eligible. However, selection for the Fellowship will be confirmed only after the Ph.D. degree is awarded. Candidate should have Publication(s) in highly reputed journals demonstrating outstanding research potential.

The upper age limit is 32 years for General Category. However, for SC, ST and Women candidates, the upper age limit will be 37 years. For persons with benchmark disabilities the upper age limit is 42 years.

Candidates who are employed in regular/contractual positions within India may also apply for INSPIRE Faculty Fellowship for enhancing career prospects and would be required to resign or join on lien/deputation.

The fellowship amount is Rs.1,25,000 pm with annual increment of Rs.2,000. Additionally, a Research Grant of Rs.7 lakh pa is available for 5 years with provision to carry-forward balance amount, if any, from the previous year. In case selected for a regular position, the INSPIRE fellow can Continue to avail the research grant.

Swarnajayanti Fellowship (All Genders)

The Swarnajayanti Fellowship was instituted in 1997 to commemorate India’s 50th year of Independence. Under this scheme a selected number of young scientists, with proven track record, are provided special assistance and support to enable them to pursue basic research in frontier areas of science and technology. Scientists selected for the award will be allowed to pursue unfettered research with a freedom and flexibility in terms of expenditure as approved in the research plan. The project should contain innovative research idea and it should have a potential of making impact on R&D in the discipline. The fellowships are scientist specific and not institution specific, very selective and have close academic monitoring. The scientists can choose to work at any S&T institution in India, however, he/she will have to submit a letter from Head of the institution at which they wish to pursue research, stating that administrative and basic infrastructural support to facilitate research will be provided.

The fellowship is open to scientists between 30 to 40 years. The amount of fellowship is Rs 25000 pm in addition to the salary drawn from the parent Institute. The fellows selected along with their projects will be considered for funding by the Science & Engineering Research Board (SERB) as per SERB norms, for fellowship, recurring and non-recurring heads. The duration of the fellowship will be for a period not exceeding 5 years.

Science and Engineering Research Board (SERB)
SERB-Power Research Grants

SERB-Power (Promoting Opportunities for Women in Exploratory Research) programme initiated in 2020 aims to address gender disparity in science and engineering by facilitating access to research funding in various S&T programs in Indian academic institutions and R&D Laboratories.

SERB-Power Research Grants are individual-centric and available to emerging as well as eminent women researchers in competitive mode. The research funding facilitates undertaking R&D activities in frontier areas of science and engineering.

Level I grant is available to those working in Institutions of National Importance such as IITS, IISERs, NITs; as well as those in IISc, Central Universities and National Labs of Central Govt Institutions. Grant Amount is up to Rs. 60 lakh for a period of 3 years.

Level II grant is available to those working in State Universities, Colleges and Private Academic Institutions. Grant Amount is up to Rs. 30 lakh for a period of 3 years.

SERB-Power Research Fellowship

SERB-Power Fellowship established in 2020 aims to reward outstanding independent women scientists, researchers and innovators holding Ph.D. degree in any branch of science and engineering and employed in academic or research institutions in India.

The fellowship looks for an excellent record of research performance while working in an Indian academic institutions and R&D laboratories.

The Fellowship consists of a research grant of Rs. 10 lakh pa and a fellowship of Rs. 15,000 pm given in addition to the regular salary drawn from the institution where employed. The fellowship duration is 3 years with no extension.

SERB Women Excellence Award

SERB Women Excellence Award established in 2013 is given to those women candidates who have excelled in science and have received recognition from any of the National Science Academies in India. This could be in the form of Young Scientist Medal, Young Associate, etc. from one or more of the following Academies:

  1. Indian National Science Academy, New Delhi
  2. Indian Academy of Science, Bangalore
  3. National Academy of Science, Allahabad
  4. Indian National Academy of Engineering, New Delhi
  5. National Academy of Medical Sciences, New Delhi
  6. National Academy of Agricultural Sciences, New Delhi

The award carries a Research Grant of Rs. 5 Lakh pa and Overheads of Rs. 1 lakh pa for a period of 3 years. The age limit is 40 years.

SERB National Post-Doctoral Fellowship (All Genders)

SERB National Post-Doctoral Fellowship established in 2016 aims to motivate Early Careers Researchers and provide them support for work in frontier areas of science and engineering. Under the programme, the fellows get opportunity of association with a faculty mentor in a host institution and a platform for establishing an independent research career.

The Fellowship carries a Research Grant of Rs. 2 lakh pa and Overhead Grant of Rs. 1 lakh pa. The Fellowship amount is Rs. 55,000 pm for those holding a Ph.D./M.D./M.S. degree and Rs. 35,000 pm for candidate who have submitted the thesis but are awaiting award of the degree. The fellowship is for a period of two years with no extension.

The upper age limit is 35 years at the time of submission of application. A relaxation of 5 years is given to women candidates in addition to those from reserved categories.

JC Bose Fellowship (All Genders)

The JC Bose fellowship is awarded to active scientists in recognition for their outstanding performance and contributions apparent from the award of SS Bhatnagar prize and/or fellowship of science academies (including engineering, agriculture and medicine). The fellowship is scientist-specific and very selective. The scientist should be in service in institutions/Universities in India at the time of nomination to this fellowship. The nominations can be sent by the Heads of the Institutions; JC Bose Fellows and Presidents of National science academies.

The duration of the fellowship will be initially for 5 years. In case, the fellow superannuates during the term of the fellowship, the fellowship can be continued if a host institution is willing to host the fellowship The tenure of the fellowship may be extended for subsequent term of 5 years based on rigorous assessment of research performance during the tenure of the fellowship. A minimum of 25% of the applicants seeking extension will not be granted extension.

The fellowship can be availed up to 68 years of age. The amount of fellowship is Rs. 25,000 per month in addition to regular income. It also includes Research grant of Rs. 15 lakh per annum and Overhead of Rs.1 lakh per annum to the host institute.

Indo-U.S. Science & Technology Forum (IUSSTF)
Indo-US Fellowship for Women in STEMM (WISTEMM)

Indo-US Fellowship for Women in STEMM (WISTEMM) has been instituted jointly by DST and Indo-U.S. Science & Technology Forum (IUSSTF) in 2017. The aim is to provide opportunities to Indian Women Scientists, Engineers & Technologists to undertake international collaborative research in premier institutions in the U.S.A; and to enhance their research capacities and capabilities. The Program has two modules.

Indo-US Women Overseas Student Internship Program

Women Overseas Student Internship program is for Indian women applicants currently pursuing Ph.D. degree in Basic Sciences, Engineering or Technology including Agricultural and Medical Sciences on a full-time basis at any recognized academic institution/R&D institute/university in India. The internship includes Monthly stipend of $ 2,500, Air Fare up to $ 2,500, Health Insurance of up to $ 500 and Contingency up to $ 1000. The age limit is 21 to 35 years as on the last date of application. The fellowship is given for a period of 3-6 months.

Indo-US Women Overseas Fellowship Program

Women Overseas Fellowship program is for Indian women applicant having Ph.D. degree in Basic Sciences, Engineering or Technology including Agricultural and Medical Sciences and holding a regular position at any recognized academic institution/ R&D institute/ university/ college in India. Applicants having research collaborative project with any Institute / Lab in U.S.A (but not visited there) will be preferred. The age limit is 27 to 45 years as on the last date of application The fellowship is given for a period of 3-6 months. Nature of Support would include: The fellowship includes Monthly Stipend of $ 3,000, Air Fare up to $ 2,500, Health Insurance of up to $ 1,000, Contingency of up to $ 1,000 and Conference Allowances of up to $ 1,200. Candidates already have overseas research exposure beyond duration of three months in last five years from the last date of submission are not eligible.

Women Entrepreneur’s Quest (WEQ)

Women Entrepreneur’s Quest (WEQ) launched in 2014 is a competition organized jointly by DST, Anita Borg Institute, USA and Indo-U.S. Science & Technology Forum (IUSSTF). It provides an opportunity to women entrepreneurs to showcase their entrepreneurial skills and ventures. It facilitates access to mentorship and networks for women entrepreneurs.

Women Entrepreneur Quest (WEQ) is a competition designed to strengthen and build a dynamic and supportive ecosystem for women entrepreneurs in India. The objective of this competition is to encourage, promote and showcase technology start-ups, founded by women entrepreneurs thus complementing the Government of India’s program of National Policy for Skill Development and Entrepreneurship. WEQ identifies and rewards talented women entrepreneurs who are founders of technical ventures. WEQ is not just a popular contest but a comprehensive platform that provides mentoring, learning and networking opportunities for real business growth.

S N Bose Scholars Programme (All Genders)

Department of Science and Technology (DST), Science & Engineering Board (SERB), Indo-U.S. Science and Technology Forum (IUSSTF) and WINStep have partnered to develop this dynamic and transformative student exchange program. It commemorates Satyendra Nath Bose (1894 - 1974), renowned for his work on Quantum Mechanics and particle Physics. The class of particles that obey Bose-Einstein statistics, Bosons, was named after him.

The program aims to nurture young students as future innovators and thought leaders and motivate them to take up research as a career. It provides an opportunity to Indian students to experience world-class research facilities in leading U.S. institutions; interact with pees across the globe; build long-term international linkages, networks and research collaborations.

Students pursuing a Bachelors or Masters' degree at a recognized institution of higher education in India are eligible to apply.  The program is open to students of Atmospheric and Earth Sciences; Chemical Sciences; Engineering Sciences; Mathematical and Computational Sciences; and, Physical Sciences. The award includes stipend, airfare and health insurance.

Khorana Program for Scholars (All Genders)

Department of Biotechnology (DBT), Govt. of India, Indo-U.S. Science and Technology Forum (IUSSTF) and WINStep Forward are partnering to support the prestigious Khorana Program for Scholars named in honor of Dr. Har Gobind Khorana, who won the Nobel Prize in 1968 for his work at the interface of Chemistry and Biology while a member of the UW faculty. The Khorana Program will provide opportunities to Indian students to undertake research at University of Wisconsin-Madison (UW) and partner universities in Summer for a period of 10-12 weeks

The program is providing an opportunity to Indian students to gain exposure and access to world class research facilities and encouraging post-graduate students to take up research as a career. The objective of program is promoting research and capacity building in biotechnology and allied areas through Indo-U.S. cooperation. The Program support covers: Round-trip Airfare, Stipend and Health Insurance.

Pre-final year, students enrolled in B. Tech., M. Tech., B.Sc., M.Sc., B.E., M.E., M.S., Integrated B. S-M.S., B.V. Sc., M.V. Sc., B. Pharm., M. Pharm., MBBS., and Master in Medical Science and Technology (MMST) at recognized institutions of higher education in India in Biotechnology and allied areas (including agricultural, food, health, biomedical sciences and interdisciplinary areas like Computational Sciences, Big Data, Machine Learning etc.) are eligible to apply. First Year, Final year and Ph.D. students are not eligible to apply.

Department of Biotechnology (DBT)
BioCARe (Biotechnology Career Advancement and Re-orientation)

BioCARe Programme launched by DBT in 2011 is a Career Development programme exclusively for women scientists working in all areas of biosciences including agriculture, medicine and veterinary science. It is applicable to women scientists who are employed, unemployed or returning from career break. It encourages these women to take up independent research projects as Principal Investigators by providing the first extramural research grant, provided they have not availed of any government research funding earlier.

The focus areas include Medical Biotechnology, Plant & Agriculture Biotechnology, Compounds of Industrial & Medicinal Utility, Animal & Marine Biotechnology, Bio-engineering & Biomaterials, Bioinformatics/ Computational biology and Environmental Biotechnology & Bioenergy.

Support is provided at two levels.

  1. Research Grant Opportunity (RGO) is provided to candidates having post PhD experience of more than 2 years.
  2. Early Career Scientists (ECS) is provided to candidates having less than two years post PhD experience.

Depending on post experience, the emoluments range from Rs. 50,000 pm for early career researchers to Rs. 60,000 pm for those with 10 years experience in industry or research. Those in employment receive Rs. 10,000 pm in addition to salary drawn from institution where employed.

The fellowship is tenable for three years, with the possibility of an extension for two years after review.

Max age limit to apply for the grant is 55 years.

Janaki Ammal National Women Bio-Scientist Award

Janaki Ammal National Women Bio-Scientist Award established by DBT in 1999 is given to recognize the efforts and contributions of women scientists working in the area of Biology and Biotechnology.

The award is given in two categories. In the senior category one award is given for life time contributions with excellent research background that has benefited the student community in particular and society in general. The Award carries a cash prize of Rs. 5.00 lakh along with citation and a gold medal.

In the young category, two wards are given to women scientist below age of 45 years for their outstanding contributions in basic and applied research in the areas of biosciences and biotechnology during last 5 years. The work should have potential for application/product and technology development. The award carries a cash prize of Rs. 1.00 lakh with citation and a gold medal and a research grant of Rs. 5.00 lakh per annum for a period of 5 years

Ramalingaswami Re-entry Fellowship (All Genders)

Ramalingaswami Re-entry Fellowship was instituted in 2006-07 to bring back Indian scientific talent working abroad, in life sciences, biotechnology and other related areas, by providing them attractive opportunities for pursuing their research interests in Indian Institutions. The underpinning objective is to create a pool of highly skilled and trained researchers working on cutting edge technologies for eventual recruitment in Indian laboratories

The selected fellows are considered equivalent to Assistant Professor/Scientist-D level officers. The host institutions are encouraged to provide medical benefits, transport allowance, leave travel allowance and other benefits as per their prevailing norms as applicable to their employees of the equivalent rank.

Only Indian nationals working overseas, up to the age of 45 years, are eligible to apply. Applicants should possess a Ph.D./M.D. or equivalent degree with an outstanding track record as reflected in publications and other recognitions and with at least 3 years of postdoctoral research experience of which last 2 years should be from overseas laboratory. Candidates who have returned to India within 1 year of the closing date of the advertisement but without a job are also eligible.

Remuneration is Rs. 1,00,000 pm and HRA of Rs. 18,500 pm. Research Grant provided is Rs. 10. lakh for the 1st & 2nd year; Rs. 7.50 lakh for 3rd & 4th year and Rs. 5 lakh for 5th year. An Institutional overhead grant of Rs. 50,000 pa is also provided. Fellows can draw either the fellowship or salary if they get a permanent scientific position and also continue to avail the research grant. The fellowship is tenable 5 years, extendable by 2 years on fresh appraisal.

Biotechnology Industry Research Assistance Council (BIRAC)

Biotechnology Industry Research Assistance Council (BIRAC) is a not-for-profit Enterprise, set up by Department of Biotechnology (DBT), Government of India as an Interface Agency to strengthen and empower the emerging biotech enterprises and to undertake strategic research and innovation, addressing nationally relevant product development needs It provides industry-academia interface and implements its mandate through a wide range of impact initiatives

Bio-NEST (Bioincubators Nurturing Entrepreneurship for Scaling Technologies)

Bio-NEST programme has been launched by BIRAC.

Under the programme, two bio-incubators have specifically been developed to support women entrepreneurs in pursuing self-employment through bio-tech entreprises. These include Golden Jubilee Biotech Park, Chennai and Sri Padmavati Mahila Visvavidyalayam, Tirupati. These facilities provide incubation space along with mentoring on business, intellectual property and legal dimensions.

BIRAC-TiEWInER (Women in Entrepreneurial Research) Award

BIRAC-TiEWInER Award was instituted in 2018 by BIRAC in partnership with TiE (The Indus Entrepreneurs). It aims to promote women entrepreneurship in the biotechnology sector.

The award is given every year to 15 women entrepreneurs in the area of Life Sciences/ Biotech and Pharma with exciting and impactful entrepreneurial ideas. They award provides access to expert mentor network of TiE and BIRAC and opportunity to participate in the intensive TiE Startup Accelerator Programme, and showcase work therein.

The applicant has to be Principal Investigator of idea being pitched for or one of the promoters of the Indian Company working on the idea and in existence for less than ten years.

All India Council of Technical Education (AICTE)
Lilavati Award

Lilavati Award was instituted in 2020 to recognize efforts being made by AICTE approved institutions for women empowerment through work on themes such as women’s health, sanitation and hygiene, literacy, entrepreneurship and legal awareness. It awards initiatives launched to treat women with equality and fairness in all spheres of their lives.

Participation can be made at Institutional or Team Level with teams comprising of only students or faculty or both. AICTE approved technical institutions or Deemed to be University are eligible to apply. The maximum team size is 5 members with minimum of 2 women members.

The award is in the form of Certificate of Appreciation and prize money, given to 24 winning teams. For each sub-theme, there are three awards of Rs. 1 lakh, Rs. 75,000 and Rs. 50,000, for the winning team and the first and second runner up, respectively.

PRAGATI Scholarship

PRAGATI Scholarship established in 2014-15 provides financial assistance to meritorious girl students to pursue engineering and technology education from any of the AICTE approved institutions.

Total Number of Scholarship is 4000 per annum with 2000 for Degree and 2000 for Diploma Programmes. The candidates are selected on the basis of merit in qualifying examination. The amount of scholarship is Rs 50,000 pa for every year of study (4 years for degree and 3 years for diploma courses).

Only girl students are eligible. Up to Two Girls per family can apply for this scholarship and the Family income should be less than Rs. 8 Lakhs per annum.

Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR)
Panjabrao Deshmukh Outstanding Woman Scientist Award

Panjabrao Deshmukh Outstanding Woman Scientist Award was instituted in 2014. It is given annually to individual women scientists for their outstanding research and extension work in the domain of agriculture and allied fields. It encourages them to strive for excellence in agricultural research and extension. The award consists of Rs.1 lakh in cash, plaque, certificate and citation.

Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR)
Women Scientist Scheme

Women Scientist Scheme addresses the issue of career interruption of women scientists and professionals due to family responsibilities. It provides fellowship and grant to women scientists with career breaks to bring them into mainstream of health research and to help them pursue research in identified areas of bio-medical/health research.

Women within 30 to 50 years of age can apply. The fellowship is provided for 3 years under two categories.

Category A: For women holding M.D./ M.S./ M.D.S. or MBBS/ BDS/ MVSc./ M.Sc./ M.Pharma/ M.Tech with Ph.D degrees, the fellowship is Rs. 70,000 pm for medical and Rs. 60,000 pm for non-medical streams.

Category B: For women holding MBBS /BDS or M.Sc. /M.Tech. /M.Pharma with two years of research or clinical experience, the fellowship is Rs. 55,000 pm for medical and Rs. 50,000 pm for non medical streams.

Candidate already in job or registered for Ph.D. or having any other fellowship or support are not eligible.

University Grants Commission (UGC)
Post-Doctoral Fellowship to Women Candidates

This Fellowship is for women who hold Ph.D. degree in any subject area and are unemployed. It aims to encourage such women to carry out advanced studies and research; and thereby foster and utilize talent of trained professionals.

Women up to 55 years of age can apply for the fellowship. Total duration of the fellowship is five years with no provision for further extension. No Objection Certificate from the proposed host research centre is required. Fellowship amount is Rs.38,800 pm for fresh candidates and Rs.46,500 pm after two years. The number of slots available under the scheme is 100 per year.

Post-Graduate Indira Gandhi Scholarship for Single Girl Child

This scholarship provides support to single girl child for pursuing postgraduate courses. It recognizes the value of observance of small family norms and aims to overcome social bias and discrimination against the single girl child. It promotes the belief that education of women needs to be used for their empowerment as it prepares them to have a control over their lives.

First year PG students of non-professional courses in colleges, universities recognized by UGC, or institutions of national importance or institutions funded by Central and State Governments are eligible to apply. Those pursuing courses in distance education mode are not eligible. Age limit is 30 years at time of admission. The scholarship amount is Rs. 36200 pa for two years. The slots available under the scheme are 3000.

Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE)

UDAAN is a project launched by the CBSE under the aegis of Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD) to address the low enrolment of girl students in prestigious engineering institutions and the teaching gap between school education and engineering entrance examinations. The objective is to provide a platform that empowers the girl students, facilitates their aspiration of joining the prestigious engineering institutions so that it enables them to partake an important role in nation-building. The effort is to enrich the teaching and learning of Science and Mathematics at school level by addressing the three dimensions of education - curriculum design, transaction and assessment.

All girl students studying in classes XI of KVs/ NVs/ Government Schools of any recognised Board/ CBSE affiliated private schools in India and enrolled in Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics (PCM) stream are eligible to apply. The applicant must have secured minimum 70% marks in Class X overall and 80% marks in Science and Mathematics; for Boards which follow CGPA, a minimum CGPA of 8 (overall) and a GPA of 9 in Science and Mathematics. The annual family income should be less than Rs. 6 lakhs per annum.

The selected students are provided free offline/online courses through virtual weekend contact classes and study material while studying in class XI and XII for preparation of admission test to various premier engineering colleges in the country.

CBSE Merit Scholarship Scheme For Single Girl Child

The aim of this CBSE merit scholarship scheme is - providing scholarships to the meritorious Single Girl Students, who are the only child of their parents to recognize the efforts of the parents in promoting education among girls and to provide encouragement to meritorious students.

The candidate must have passed the CBSE Class X Examination with 60% or more marks in current academic year and must continue their further school education of Class XI and XII in School (affiliated with CBSE). The Tuition fee of the applicant should not be more than Rs. 1,500 per month in Class X and for Class XI & XII, the total enhancement in tuition fee in such school shall not be more than 10% of the tuition fee charged.

The amount of scholarship is Rs. 500 per month. The scholarship awarded under the scheme is paid for a maximum period of 2 years. The number of scholarships for a particular year shall be variable.

Miscellaneous Private Organizations
L’Oréal India For Young Women in Science Scholarship

L'Oréal India is offering this scholarship to support and encourage young women for pursuing higher education in science stream. The Scholarship was instituted in 2003 and it has consistently helped young women to pursue scientific studies. The scholarship offers a amount of up to Rs. 2.5 Lakh till graduation to meritorious class 12 passed girl students who wish to pursue a career in Science. The maximum age to apply is 19 years. The girl students who have passed Class 12 from Science stream (current academic session) with at least 85% marks in PCM/PCB and must be willing to pursue a degree course in Science/ Medical/ Engineering/ Biotechnology or any other scientific field are eligible. The annual family income must not exceed Rs. 6 Lakh.

Adobe Research Women-in-Technology Scholarship

Adobe Research Women-in-Technology Scholarship recognizes outstanding female undergraduate and master’s students studying artificial intelligence/machine learning, data science, computer science or mobile/web development at North American universities (including Canada and Mexico).

The scholarship includes a $10,000 award paid once, a Creative Cloud subscription membership for one year and an opportunity to interview for an internship at Adobe.

The applicant must be a student with a strong academic record and currently enrolled as an undergraduate (2nd year or above) or masters student at a North American university for the academic year. She must have completed at least one year of university education and intend to be enrolled as a full-time undergraduate or masters student at a university for the academic year. The course should be majoring in computer science, computer engineering, or a closely related technical field. The student must have demonstrated leadership and participation in school & community activities.

Applicant having a relative working for Adobe can not apply. First year undergraduate students and graduating students are not eligible.

Adobe India Women-in-Technology Scholarship

The Adobe India Women-in-Technology Scholarship aims for striving towards creating gender equality in science,technology and engineering domains by encouraging women to showcase their excellence in computing and technology and become future leaders and role models in the field.The scholarship will cover:Fund toward tuition fees for the remainder of the award recipient’s university education ending in current academic year,Opportunity for Summer Internship at Adobe India,Mentoring by a senior technology leader from Adobe and Travel to Grace Hopper Conference India,including participation fees.

The applicant must be an Indian female citizen student enrolled as a full time student in a formal technology 4 year BE / B. Tech. education program or an Integrated ME/MS/MTech program at an Indian University or Institute at the time of applying and should be completing the program in Current Academic year. She should be pursuing a Major or Minor in Computer Science/ Engineering, Information Science, Data Science, Electrical/Electronics Engineering, Math and Computing. Anyone who is a “related party” to an Adobe employee is not eligible to apply.

Santoor Women’s Scholarship

Santoor Women’s Scholarship is offered by Wipro Consumer Care and Wipro Cares. It provides financial assistance to girl students who have passed class 12 and wish to pursue higher education in the field of Humanities, Liberal Arts and Sciences. Launched in 2016-17, the program offers support to 1800 girl students every year, across Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Telangana and Chhattisgarh.

Girls from an underprivileged or disadvantaged background who have passed class 10 from a local government school and passed class 12 from a government school/junior college in the current academic year; must be enrolled in a full-time graduate program beginning currently are eligible to apply. The students would be given Rs. 24,000 per annum till they complete their course of study which they can utilize for tuition fees or other expenses incidental to education.

Over the last six years, close to 4200 students have received support through the Santoor Scholarship Program. Preference is given to students from backward districts.

GATI (Gender Advancement for Transforming Institutions) - Framework Development for Advancing Gender Equity in Science, Technology and Higher Education in India
Sanctioned to GATI PI based at NAAC via Government of India, Ministry of Science and Technology, Department of Science and Technology, Order dated 30 August 2020